Saturday, March 8, 2008

Storytime week of 3/3 (storytimes 3/5 & 3/7)

This week's theme was "Me Baby"

As Big as You by Elaine Greenstein
I Went Walking by Sue Williams
You and Me Baby by Lynn Resier
The Baby Goes Beep by Rebecca O'Connell

I have ten little fingers,
They all belong to me. (hold hands up)
I can make them do things,
Would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight, (hands in fist)
I can open them wide. (spread hands open)
I can put them together, (clasp hands together)
And I can make them hide. (hands behind back)
I can fly them up high, (hands over head)
I can fly them down low. (hands to knees)
I can fold them together
And hold them, just so. (fold hands in lap)

My Hands Upon My Head
My Hands upon my head I place,
On my shoulders on my face,
On my knees, and at my side.
Then behind me they will slide,
Then I raise them up so high
Till they nearly reach the sky
Now I clap them -- one, two, three.
Then I fold them silently

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little StaR"
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Kerri said...

Wow! I am a Youth Services Librarian who was starting to run out of ideas for my own lapsit when I ran across this! Thanks, and great job!

Tula said...

Which album/cd did these songs come from? I used to own a day care and had a wonderful cassette with these action songs and now I can't remember the name of the album/cassette.

Allentown Public Library said...

We got these songs from books here at the library such as Do your ears hang low? fifty more musical fingerplays by Tom Glazer ; Creative fingerplays and action rhymes by Jeff Defty; Head, shoulders, knees, and toes : and other action rhymes by Zita Newcome.

I am not sure where to find a recorded version of the songs.